Atelier avec Kriss McDermet

Atelier de tressage avec Kris McDermet (Braiding)

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Guilde de tapisserie au crochet de Beaconsfield
Retraite de tapisserie au crochet
Du 13 au 15 mai 2016
À l'Ermitage Sainte-Croix, Pierrefonds (Québec)


After Hooking Comes Braiding

Teacher: Kris McDermet


Kris's recent awards include 2015 Rug Hooking Magazine's celebration - Finalist in the Original Category for "Prints", August 2014 Sauder Village "Prints" Mixed Media, October 2014 GMRHG
Hooked on he Mountains Viewers Choice for "Passion" and "Prints".
More details about Kris can be found at


CLASS: Learn how to add a Braid to any round, oval or square cornered hooked pieces. Plus how to Braid within a hooked piece.

You will also be shown:
- Straight Braiding around a circle and oval;
- Padding and lining hooked pieces;
- Sewing and lacing on the first row of Braid to a hooked piece;
- BUTTING - that is joining the 6 raw ends of the braid to make a perfect Circle or Oval;
- How to Braid  and  lace a PICOT edge onto the oval -this will be row # 2;
- How to made a Nine (90) Loop Braided Center that will be inserted into the oval;
- How to Braid a Bowl or a Bag.

For further information and registration package contact our president, Ti Seymour
Tel: (514) 247-9310 or email

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